Change parameters of a virtual server

This command can be used to modify various settings for an existing virtual server from the command line. The only mandatory parameter is --domain, which must be followed by the domain name of the server to update. The actual changes to make are specified by the other optional parameters, such as --pass to set a new password, --desc to change the server description, and --quota and --quota to change the disk quota.

To add a private IP address to a virtual server that currently does not have one, the --ip or --allocate-ip options can be used, as described in the section on create-domain.

To revert a server with a private IP back to the system's default shared address, use the --default-ip flag. If the system has more than one shared address, the --shared-ip flag can be used to change it.

To add an IPv6 address to a virtual server that currently does not have one, the --ip6 or --allocate-ip6 options can be used. To remove a v6 address, you can use --no-ip6 instead.

To change a server's domain name, the --newdomain option can be used. It must be followed by a new domain name, which of course cannot be used by any existing virtual server. When changing the domain name, you may also want to use the --user option to update the administration username for the server. Both of these options will effect sub-servers as well, where appropriate.

To change a virtual server's plan and apply quota and other limits from the new plan, use the --apply-plan parameter followed by the plan name or ID. Alternately, you can switch the plan without applying any of it's limits with the --plan flag.

If your system is on an internal network and made available to the Internet via a router doing NAT, the IP address of a domain in DNS may be different from it's IP on the actual system. To set this, the --dns-ip flag can be given, followed by the external IP address to use. To revert to using the real IP in DNS, use --no-dns-ip instead. In both cases, the actual DNS records managed by Virtualmin will be updated.

Command Line Help

Changes the settings for a Virtualmin server, based on the specified
command-line parameters.

virtualmin modify-domain --domain
                        [--desc new-description]
                        [--user new-username]
                        [--pass new-password | --passfile password-file]
                        [--email new-email]
                        [--quota new-quota|UNLIMITED]
                        [--uquota new-unix-quota|UNLIMITED]
                        [--newdomain new-name]
                        [--bw bytes|NONE]
                        [--resel reseller|NONE]
                        [--ip address] | [--allocate-ip] |
                        [--default-ip | --shared-ip address]
                        [--ip6 address | --allocate-ip6 |
                        [--prefix name]
                        [--template name|id]
                        [--plan name|id | --apply-plan name|id]
                        [--add-exclude directory]*
                        [--remove-exclude directory]*
                        [--dns-ip address | --no-dns-ip]