Change mail-related settings for some domains

This command can be used to configure BCCing of outgoing email and set the alias mode for one or more virtual servers. The domains to effect are set by the --domain flag, which can occur multiple times and must be followed by a virtual server name. Or you can use --user followed by an administrator's username to get all his domains, or --all-domains to modify all those on the system with mail enabled.

If your mail server supports it, BCCing of relayed email by all users in the selected domains can be enabled with the --bcc flag, which must be followed by an email address. To turn this off again, use the --no-bcc flag.

By default, Virtualmin implements mail alias domains with catchall aliases, which forward all email to addresses in the alias domain to the same address in the target. However, when using Postfix this prevents email to invalid addresses in the alias from being bounced at the SMTP conversation stage - instead, a bounce eamil is sent, which is regarded as poor mail server practice and can be abused by spammers.

To prevent this, the --alias-copy flag can be used to duplicate Postfix virtual table entries into the alias domain. To revert to the default mode, use the --alias-catchall flag.

Command Line Help

virtualmin modify-mail --domain name | --user name | --all-domains
                      [--bcc user@domain] | [--no-bcc]
                      [--alias-copy] | [--alias-catchall]