Checks if the mail server can RCPT to some address

This command is debugging tool for mailboxes and aliases - it can be used to check if some address is accepted by your mail server, and if SMTP authentication is working.

The --server flag specifies the mail server to test, which defaults to localhost. The --from flag sets the email address used in the MAIL FROM SMTP operation, which defaults to nobody@virtualmin.com. The --to flag is mandatory, and sets the destination email address.

To have it try SMTP authentication, use the --user and --pass flags which must be followed a username and password respectively. The --auth flag can be used to set the SMTP authentication type, which defaults to Plain.

Command Line Help

virtualmin test-smtp --to address
                    [--server hostname]
                    [--port number|name]
                    [--from address]
                    [--user login --pass password]
                    [--auth method]
                    [--data mail-file]