Step by Step Tutorials

Usermin Webmail Tutorials

Using Usermin

How to log into Usermin Webmail
How to change your password in Usermin
How to create an auto-responder in Usermin
How to create an email filter in Usermin
How to use Usermin webmail

Virtualmin Control Panel Tutorials

Getting Started

How to log in to Virtualmin
Navigating Virtualmin
How to create a sub-server
How to create a virtual server alias
Account Basics in Virtualmin (resellers, virtual server owners, and mail/FTP users)
Virtual Server Basics (virtual servers, sub-servers, aliases)


How to create an email account
How to create a default (catch-all) email account
How to create an auto-responder
How to setup email forwarding


How to password protect a directory
How to manage URL redirects
How to view website access and error logs
How to add an ssl certificate
How to add a wildcard or multi-domain ssl certificate


How to create FTP accounts
How to enable shared FTP directories


How to create a database
Managing databases

Using your account

How to change a Mailbox/FTP user's password
How to change a virtual server owner's password
How to setup a cron job
How to backup a single virtual server
How to schedule a backup of all virtual servers
Using the File Manager
Using the Upload and Download module
Using the System Statistics
Installing Scripts in Virtualmin
Changing the Theme in Virtualmin