How to create an email filter in Usermin

This tutorial will cover how to create an email filter from within Usermin.

Email filters allow you to sort incoming emails based on criteria such as who sent them and what the subject is.

It assumes you have logged into Usermin Webmail.

  1. Click the Email Filters link, towards the bottom on the left.
  2. Click Add a new email filter.
  3. Under Condition for filter, click the radio button next to Based on header.
  4. Click the dropdown next to Header, and change it from From to Subject.
  5. In the textbox at the end of that line, enter the text test email filter.
  6. Under Action if condition is matched, click the radio button next to Save to Folder.
  7. Click the dropdown box next to Save to Folder, and change it from Inbox to Trash.

Now, any time you receive an email message with a subject of test email filter, it will end up in the Trash folder!

Go ahead and send yourself an email with the subject test email filter in order to test the filter.