Installing Scripts in Virtualmin

This tutorial will cover how you can install scripts in Virtualmin.

Virtualmin's Script Installer can be used to install and manage any one of over 100 web applications (or "scripts").

It assumes you have first logged into Virtualmin.

  1. Choose the domain for which you would like to install a script.. You can do that by selecting the domain name from the drop-down box on the top-left.

  2. Click Install Scripts.

  3. Click the radio button next to the script you would like to install. In this example, let's install WordPress -- which is near the top in the Blog section.

  4. Scroll down to the bottom of the page, and click Show Install Options.

  5. The defaults here are fine. Click Install Now.

  6. You will be given a URL you can use in order to manage your WordPress install. Follow the URL, and tweak away!