Virtualmin Domains

Virtualmin Features

Virtualmin is a uniquely powerful and flexible web server administration tool. It is unmatched in features and flexibility. Based on Webmin, it offers a wide array of productivity-enhancing tools for hosting providers, web developers, web designers, and end users.

Domain Accounts

Virtualmin provides powerful and flexible domain accounts, called virtual servers, and sub-servers, allowing users to manage their own websites. This allows delegation of management of websites to users on your server; a website owner can safely be delegated privileges for managing mail, DNS, databases, web applications, and more.

Virtualmin Domains


Virtualmin helps you and your customers manage mailboxes, forwarders, autoresponders, alias, spam and antivirus scanning, and provides several powerful web-based mail clients including Usermin with full Virtualmin integration, RoundCube, and Squirrelmail.

Virtualmin spam and virus scanning