Location Groups

Introduction to Location Groups

A location group contains a set of host systems, typically in the same physical location. When a virtual system is created you can select a location group instead of a specific host, and Cloudmin will choose a host from that group based on some selection method. The selection may be random, or based on free memory or disk space.

Location groups are most useful when you have a large number of host systems in different locations, and want to avoid selecting an appropriate one manually for each new virtual system. It is quite possible to have just a single location group if all your host systems are in the same datacenter and treated equally for allocation purposes.

Creating a Location Group

To add a new location group, do the following :

1. Login to Cloudmin and go to *Host Systems* -> *Location Groups*.
1. In the first empty row check the box in the *Active* column.
1. Enter a name for the group in the *Description* column.
1. Select an allocation method from the *Host selection method* column. We recommend *Most free RAM*, as that is the resource likely to run out first.
1. Click the *Save* button.

Once a group has been created, you can assign a host system to it as follows :

1. Open the *Host Systems* category on the list menu and click on the link for your host system type, such as *Xen*.
1. Click on the host you want to assign.
1. Select the group from the *Location group* menu, then click *Save*.

Once at least one running host system is in a group, you will be able to select it on the *Create System* page.