Moves a domain from one system to another

This command allows you to transfer one or more Virtualmin domains from their current host systems to another system managed by Cloudmin. Like the web-based domain move feature, it operates by backing them up on the source and restoring on the destination - so it is recommended that you transfer only between similar systems where possible.

The domains to move are selected by the --domain parameter. If a domain exists on more than one host, you will also need to specify --host followed by the correct source hostname. The final system is selected by the --dest parameter. If the --include- sub-servers parameter is given and a top-level domain is selected, any sub-servers owned by the same user will be transferred at the same time.

To have Cloudmin delete the domains from the source, use the --delete parameter (this is recommended). Or to just disable them when moving,
use --disable.

Once a domain has been moved, you will almost certainly need to make DNS changes to reflect the new website or nameserver IP address.

By default, Cloudmin attempts to transfer the domain backup first to the master system, and then to the target. However, the --direct parameter will trigger the attempted use of a direct copy from the source to the target system, which can be faster if the network connectivity between the managed systems and the Cloudmin master is poor.

Example usage

  cloudmin move-domain --domain --dest xenrails.home --delete
  Creating backup of on xencentos.home ..
  .. created backup of 32.53 kB.
  Downloading backup of in file ..
  .. download of 32.53 kB complete.
  Uploading backup of in file to xenrails.home ..
  .. upload of 32.53 kB complete.
  Deleting on xencentos.home ..
  .. deletion complete.
  Restoring backup of on xenrails.home ..
  .. restore of complete. Domain move was successfull!
  Refreshing status of 2 systems ..
  .. done

Command Line Help

Moves one or more Virtualmin domains to another system.

cloudmin move-domain --domain name [--domain name]*
                     --dest hostname
                    [--host source.hostname]
                    [--disable | --delete]