Big list of package updates suddenly required?

After the latest VM upgrade, my server is suddenly telling me that it wants to get 49 new (Debian) package upgrades?

It didn't want them before this VM update, so I'm suspicious that it doesn't suddenly need them now either.

What do you think? So far I have not let it get anything.

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Anyone have a clue about these sudden package update (supposed) requirements?

Had no updates required one minute before the latest VM 'upgrade' and (apparently) forty-nine of them immediately afterwards.

What do you see if you type "apt-get upgrade -s"?

That does a dry-run, it should only display what apt thinks needs to be installed.

It says it needs the 49 updates.

Why suddenly after the VM upgrade?

This is a list of what it says it now wants (sorry for the broken formatting):

Package Description Status Source apache2-doc Apache HTTP Server documentation New version 2.2.9-10+lenny4 apache2-suexec-custom Configurable suexec program for Apache 2 mod_suexec New version 2.2.9-10+lenny4 apache2-utils utility programs for webservers New version 2.2.9-10+lenny4 base-files Debian base system miscellaneous files New version 5lenny4 dhcp3-client DHCP client New version 3.1.1-6+lenny3 dhcp3-common common files used by all the dhcp3* packages New version 3.1.1-6+lenny3 gnupg GNU privacy guard - a free PGP replacement New version 1.4.9-3+lenny1 gpgv GNU privacy guard - signature verification tool New version 1.4.9-3+lenny1 graphicsmagick collection of image processing tools New version 1.1.11-3.2+lenny1 debian graphicsmagick-imagemagick-compat image processing tools providing ImageMagick interface New version 1.1.11-3.2+lenny1 debian irb1.8 Interactive Ruby (for Ruby 1.8) New version libapache2-svn Subversion server modules for Apache New version 1.5.1dfsg1-4 libapr1 The Apache Portable Runtime Library New version 1.2.12-5+lenny1 libaprutil1 The Apache Portable Runtime Utility Library New version 1.2.12+dfsg-8+lenny4 libcompress-raw-zlib-perl low-level interface to zlib compression library New version 2.012-1lenny1 libcurl3 Multi-protocol file transfer library (OpenSSL) New version 7.18.2-8lenny3 libfreetype6 FreeType 2 font engine, shared library files New version 2.3.7-2+lenny1 libgeoip1 A non-DNS IP-to-country resolver library New version 1.4.4.dfsg-3+lenny1 libglib2.0-0 The GLib library of C routines New version 2.16.6-2 debian libglib2.0-data Common files for GLib library New version 2.16.6-2 debian libgraphicsmagick1 format-independent image processing - C shared library New version 1.1.11-3.2+lenny1 debian libmagick10 image manipulation library New version libnewt0.52 Not Erik's Windowing Toolkit - text mode windowing with slang New version 0.52.2-11.3+lenny1 debian libopenexr6 runtime files for the OpenEXR image library New version 1.6.1-3+lenny3 libpango1.0-0 Layout and rendering of internationalized text New version 1.20.5-5 libpango1.0-common Modules and configuration files for the Pango New version 1.20.5-5 libpq5 PostgreSQL C client library New version 8.3.8-0lenny1 debian libreadline-ruby1.8 Readline interface for Ruby 1.8 New version libruby1.8 Libraries necessary to run Ruby 1.8 New version libsasl2-2 Cyrus SASL - authentication abstraction library New version 2.1.22.dfsg1-23+lenny1 libsasl2-modules Cyrus SASL - pluggable authentication modules New version 2.1.22.dfsg1-23+lenny1 libssl0.9.8 SSL shared libraries New version 0.9.8g-15+lenny5 libtiff4 Tag Image File Format (TIFF) library New version 3.8.2-11.2 debian libwmf0.2-7 Windows metafile conversion library New version debian libxcb-render0 X C Binding, render extension New version 1.1-1.2 libxcb-xlib0 X C Binding, Xlib/XCB interface library New version 1.1-1.2 libxcb1 X C Binding New version 1.1-1.2 libxml2 GNOME XML library New version 2.6.32.dfsg-5+lenny1 linux-libc-dev Linux support headers for userspace development New version 2.6.26-19 perlmagick Perl interface to the libMagick graphics routines New version python-support automated rebuilding support for Python modules New version 0.8.4lenny1 rdoc1.8 Generate documentation from Ruby source files (for Ruby 1.8) New version ri1.8 Ruby Interactive reference (for Ruby 1.8) New version ruby1.8 Interpreter of object-oriented scripting language Ruby 1.8 New version sasl2-bin Cyrus SASL - administration programs for SASL users database New version 2.1.22.dfsg1-23+lenny1 tzdata time zone and daylight-saving time data New version 2009l-0lenny1 wget retrieves files from the web New version 1.11.4-2+lenny1 debian whiptail Displays user-friendly dialog boxes from shell scripts New version 0.52.2-11.3+lenny1 debian x11-common X Window System (X.Org) infrastructure New version 7.3+20

In the latest Virtualmin release, it will now offer to upgrade other system packages for you as well.

Previously only those related to Virtualmin and associated software (like Apache and BIND) were offered.

You can tell the difference because Virtualmin updates will appear on the System Information page in a line like :

"One updated Virtualmin package is available. Use the Virtualmin Package Updates module to see all managed packages."

We strongly recommend updating Virtualmin-related packages. Other updates you can make if you want..

Hi Jamie,

Ah, I see, it's a new feature, sprung upon us unsuspecting users. ;).

Ok, well I have always updated VM related updates as and whenever it asked, but what do you suggest re. that bunch of Debian upgrades? The server VM is on only does, well, VM things via VM - i.e. nothing else runs on it other than a standard VM virtual hosting/email etc. setup.

Leave the Debian upgrades and just stick with the VM-requested things, or go for the Debian stuff too?

Installing all of those Debian updates, none of which are security related as far as I'm aware, is asking for trouble from VM, or not?

What say?

If you don't need them, you can just go with the Virtualmin-specific updates.

The other Debian updates are just offered for your convenience. Debian developers / experts would probably recommend you install them, but there's always a trade-off with potentially breaking something.

That's what I thought - I'll leave them, for now at least.

Any chance you can also provide an 'off' switch for the new display of non-VM updates - at the moment it's all upgrades or nothing - and even more importantly an 'off' switch for the CPU munching (even with my powerful thing it's munching an average of 10%) new full package checking in as well?

In other words, a switch to switch off those particular new features, and the sooner the better with collectinfo's new superpowers. ;)


Thanks Jamie (and Eric in the other thread).

"The other Debian updates are just offered for your convenience."

Actually, it seems that all of those package updates were security related, so I have now installed them.

Nothing, so far, seems to have broken.

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