virtual server name shortened incorrectly

This is really a tiny bug, but when a domain name is longer than the specified amount the logic which shortens it is slightly flawed. If you have a domain of equal length to the maximum allowed (or possibly max+1), it is actually lengthened by the addition of three periods in the middle.

An example: becomes

if the function to truncate the domain name is going to add 3 characters it should check if length(domainName)+3 > maximumAllowedLength before truncating.

Closed (fixed)


Good point .. I'll fix that in the 3.75 release.

not fixed in 3.75

Hmm .. what is the domain name in question, and what is Virtualmin showing it as?

I have the same problem, it happens to all domains that is a certain length. Instead of cutting it off, maybe auto scrolling horizontally would be better? Kinda hard to read them displayed like this.

You can increase the max length if you like, at System Settings -> Module Config -> User interface settings -> Maximum domain name length to display.

Nice, thanks for the quick reply:)

Hi Jamie,

An example of the problem is the domain

with max length set to 20 i get with max length at 22 i get

i'm using VM 3.75 on Centos 5

Yes, this is a bug in 3.75 .. but it will be fixed in 3.76

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.