lost file, how to recover?

Hi: I was working on a perl file (using winscp on vista 64 bit) and something happened, i had close winscp and start again.

now, after reopening connection, i discover that the file is empty.

i had taken almost 6 hours to create that file (coding).

Anyone can guide me how to recover my lost file from it's directory, inode or whatever.

C J.



Howdy -- is the work you put into that all something you had done today? That is, are there any backups containing previous versions of that file?

NOt all was done today. I think half of it was done today. but the file was updated today many times in the last few hours.

No. i did not create any backup of that file called subs.pl in /usr/share/s.0

winscp closed so quick and suddenly that i did not get a chance to make a backup on my pc too.

Yeah, outside of having a backup, I don't think there's much you'll be able to do to retrieve your lost work.

I'll pass this along to Jamie in case he has any miracles up his sleeve, but I suspect you'll end up needing to redo all that -- sorry!

Sorry, but unless you have a recent Virtualmin backup of that file, it is gone ..

Yeah, looking at the file there, it's definitely blank and 0 length. It looks like that occurred at 10:32 today, or roughly 2 hours and 20 minutes ago.

Sorry, it doesn't look like there's anything we can do...

The only possible way the data might be saved is if there's a backup file with a similar name in the same directory, such as .foo.pl.backup or foo.pl~ .. some editors create those.

Thanks for your replies and check in.

Greatly appreciate your efforts to help me.

Just beginning to redo all over again.