Unable to access Mail Forwarding Settings

Hello, I've created a virtual server to manage some pre-existing accounts on a domain. To get the accounts to show up in virtualmin, I altered the primary group for all users in that domain, following

That works fine. However, I can't access Mail Forwarding Settings for any of the users. The box is missing (see screenshot). Any idea how to get these enabled?

Oliver Kohll

Closed (fixed)


A quick note from my end if I may.

I'm noticing that also the line "IMAP / POP3 / FTP login" is missing, which should appear under the "Email address" line.

Are you maybe using an older version of Virtualmin? Or maybe the two missing parts are connected.

For this user in the email section, do you have "primary email address enabled" set to "yes" ?

Jamie, That was it, thanks. Setting "primary email address enabled" fixed it. Oliver