Not sure if IMAP is working

I'm trying to find documentation on IMAP setup. I'm unsure if it's already setup or if I need to configure dovecot in some way to get it to work.



Howdy -- IMAP comes enabled by default with Dovecot. It should be listening on port 143 for IMAP connections.

Are you seeing a problem of some sort?

Hi Eric,

I'm trying to setup vTiger's mail converter to check emails. When I try to set it up it keeps failing saying "connecting to mailbox failed".

So I'm not sure if this has something to do with my IMAP setup or something else. I found out how to telnet into imap and it seems that I'm able to login and check mail, but I'm still not able to get vTiger to connect.

Any ideas?

If you can access port 143 from another machine, that suggests that IMAP is accessible.

You may want to look in /var/log/maillog to see if any error messages are showing up in there whenever you try to setup vTiger.