Cron screen not showing maintenance scripts

On Centos 6, the maintenance scripts (which used to show on Centos 5) are no longer shown. That's because cron doesn't run them, anacron does. So, the scripts in cron.daily, weekly, and monthly. I'd still like to see them. Now, I realize that one problem is you put a specific time in Centos 5, and, these are not necessarily run at a specific time in Centos 6. Nevertheless, it;s useful to see them, you can work around that.

Can you bring back these scripts and show them in this screen? Otherwise, it;s back to the command line. So, the idea here is to be able to add daily jobs, etc.



Do you seen an entry for /etc/cron.hourly/0anacron ?

I am guessing that script in turns runs the anacron daily scripts. Even if they appeared in Webmin, you wouldn't be able to add or edit them individually though...

I will look into adding special handling for this in Webmin, in which call 0anacron gets expanded to all the daily and weekly scripts..

Yes, 0anacron does show up.

Yes, you are correct, would not be able to add or delete parts of it. Unless you made a anacron screen!

Stil., it's nice to see them just as was the case on Centos 5.

I think I'd have to do a separate anacron module for Webmin, as there's no clean way to incorporate those anacron scripts (which have thier own scheduling system) into Webmin's UI for regular cron..