New script to install phpSysInfo

I use this quite often and I have a few clients that always ask me to install it for them and I tried to hack together a script to do but my perl coding blows and it never worked.

Downloads are at$ver.tar.gz

Current version 3.0.15



I guess this could be supported, but it seems a little redundant as Virtualmin already displays most of that information on the System Information page ..

Well you could always create it as a third party script and give it to me if adding it is pointless for you.

Is it able to get all that info without root privileges? Seems like the SMART status (among others) would be hard for non-root users to read ..

Smart status can be read by normal users if set to 4755 however there is a work around for anything so that no root access is needed -- just a few cron jobs.

For SMART...

* Smartctl program
* If the smartctl program is available we can read S.M.A.R.T informations
* - 'command' smartctl command is run everytime the block gets refreshed or build
* if error: Smartctl open device: /dev/sda failed: Permission denied
* Not recommended method:
* -execute: chmod 4755 /usr/sbin/smartctl
* - 'data' (a file must be available in the data directory of the
* phpsysinfo installation with the filename "SMART{disk_number}.txt";
* content is the output from "smartctl --all device")

and that is in the file plugins/SMART/SMART.config.php

There are similar work arounds for the others if you read the plugins config file.

The config file does need to be edited as the stock version doesn't enable most of the features.

define('PSI_JS_COMPRESSION', 'None'); <=== this one has to be set None or false or else some of the features won't work. See

define('PSI_ADD_PATHS', '/usr/sbin','/sbin');

Those 2 have to be set that way to see all the status'

You can see mine at

Those root cron job requirements are not exactly inspiring me to support phpsysinfo ..

You don't have too. Those are optionals as the default install doesn't show any info from plugins by default since non are enabled, you have to edit the config file to show that.

I'll take a look into it ..