Migration from Cpanel to virtual min



Howdy -- it doesn't look like there's a question in your request, did you have a question regarding migrating a Virtual Server from cPanel?

i am getting error when i try to migrate

i posted the error message

Oh I see it now. Your post showed up as being blank, but I can see your error when editing your post.

The errors you're seeing are time related -- they suggest that the time on your current server may be incorrect.

Can you verify what your system time is? You can see that by typing the command "date" on the command line.

I asked Jamie for some input on the problems you're running into.

In the meantime though -- how large is this cPanel backup?

size is 11gb

i just back up the home directory

all i am just concern is importing email parts

setting up website and files and mysql is easy part.

there are 150-200 emails address

i need help asap

plz help asap

What output do you receive from this command:

df -h

Would it be possible for us to login to your system and see what is going wrong with this backup? Being able to run a test restore would be very useful for debugging this issue ..

df -h Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on /dev/mapper/VolGroup00-LogVol00 573G 14G 529G 3% / /dev/mapper/pdc_ceehdibabhp1 99M 26M 68M 28% /boot tmpfs 2.6G 0 2.6G 0% /dev/shm

please let me know what information you need to log in remotely

any update

Emailing him your root login information is a good way to get your login information to him.

Your email to him was fairly late at night in his timezone, I'm sure he'll be getting back to you just a little later today.

Sorry for the delay, but I'm on vacation and so am not online all the time.

I tried to login just now using the credentials you sent, but they didn't work .. either for SSH or Virtualmin.

i testted both ssh and website login for webmin both works fine for the with the information i gave u

Thanks - I was able to login just fine.

I think I see the issue - your backup file is incomplete. When i try to unzip it with the command :

gunzip -c backup-planetgrouprealty.com-12-21-2011.tar.gz >backup-planetgrouprealty.com-12-21-2011.tar

I get the error :

gunzip: backup-planetgrouprealty.com-12-21-2011.tar.gz: unexpected end of file

Are you sure it was downloaded from cPanel fully?

i believe the file was backed up fully but i do not have much time as my other server will be turn off very soon

so i created domain and add database

now 2 question

i have 200 accounts i like to create where i want them to have access to email only

no other access

when i try to create another user it is giviing me option to add user for ftp and email

how i can create user can access email

i also added roundcube

plz advice how i can create user for access to webmail only

or they can get their email forward to other email or they can retrieve email by out look

I also need confirmation

i have 3 drive

2 mirror

1 extra drive

i am trying to use this drive as a back up source but i have hard time to get this hard drive mounted

i like to know if you guys can help me out with this

Thanks Paul

A user with just email access and not FTP will be able to login to roundcube, as it uses IMAP to authenticate users..