Problems Loading the File Manager

When in webmin and clicking on File Manager, the Java function has an error upon loading:

Failed to get language list : : Java couldn't trust Server.

I click the ok button and nothing happens just a white area where the file manager should be. I have cleared my cache/browsing data, restarted my mac and even tried it in several browsers. none of them worked.

can you let me know what i can do to solve this issue?



Thanks for your response but that link didn't have any details on how to handle the file manager issue. please advise,

Hmm, Jamie's comment in comment #2 there describes how you can resolve that.

Is Drupal by chance being fickle and not giving you access to that comment?

Must be... i don't see a comment #2

Nuts! Some bug reports that were migrated from the old site had that issue. Okay, I'll copy and paste his comment here:

This isn't really a Virtualmin bug - the problem is that Webmin's SSL webserver uses a cert that is self-signed, rather that a 'real' cert issued by verisign or the like.

You have three options to avoid it :

1) Turn off SSL for accessing Virtualmin, at Webmin -> Webmin Configuration -> SSL Encryption. This of course makes it less secure.
2) Use a real cert for Webmin, if you have one. Go to Webmin -> Webmin Configuration -> SSL Encryption, and in the 'Private key file' field enter the path to your valid .pem format cert.
3) Configure Java on your PC to allow it to connect to SSL webservers with self-signed certs. On Windows, this is done in the Java Control Panel -> Advanced -> Security (I think).

Awesome, thanks for the info... i have a do i Configure Java on My mac to allow it to connect to SSL webservers with self-signed certs.

I'm unfortunately not familiar with how to do that on a Mac.

However, if you're having trouble getting the Java-based file manager to work -- you could always try using the PHP-based file manager eXtplorer in the Install Scripts.

You could install it into one of your Virtual Servers, and then browse to it, and use it to view your filesystem.