private ip for domain


I need to create a virtual server (domain) that has a dedicated IP. I cannot seem to add any new IPs to the system... Unfortunately i am in a huge time crunch and cannot find the proper way in the forums.. and have forgotten the procedure...

Basically, the main ip for the box is ...20 I want to add and assign it *..*.22 (as a dedicated ip for the domain)

I appreciate the assistance here.. Thanks Scott



Howdy -- the normal procedure for adding a dedicated IP for a particular domain is go to into Server Configuration -> Change IP Address for that domain, and then to set your new IP in the "Use private address" field.

aaaahhhhh... Thats what i did wrong - i was trying to add the ip before creating the virtual server... Thanks a lot!!

No problem, I'm glad that's working for you!

Feel free to let us know if you have any other questions.