Duplicated monitor port on clone

The clone of a VM gets the same monitor port as it's source. This blocks having both running at the same time until the port is changed in the /etc/webmin/servers/.serv file



That's odd, as the clone process should re-generate the KVM monitor port.

Did the cloning complete without any errors?

I am seeing this problem right now on the latest version, each clone i make uses the same port resulting in:

Starting up geoserverx.sparcsonline.com ...........................
.. failed : inet_listen_opts: bind(ipv4,,40011): Address already in use inet_listen_opts: FAILED chardev: opening backend "socket" failed: Address already in use

I am rectifying this by hand editing the .serve file on the master.

Franco - are the systems you are cloning running when you clone them, or down?

Also, do you see this error during the clone process, or when starting up the system afterwards?

in this case the VM was running and the error only comes after booting the vm. I will clone from a down vm and post back the results...