Default admin credentials

After using the autoload install script I am prompted for a username and password for the admin account. Which one should I use for initial configuration?



I think you have to create an initial administration user when your first access autoload.

I can't see how to do that. Can you let me know?

Jamie, I suspect he may be seeing a bug.

I attempted the autoload installation, and during that process, it doesn't prompt for credentials for the admin user.

When accessing the site for the first time, it doesn't ask any questions, it just prompts for a password.

Reading the installation docs, I see that there is a /install/ directory that's normally used for performing the first time setup -- that no longer appears to be there though.

I attempted logging in using the credentials for the Virtual Server owner, but it didn't accept that.

Jamie, I wanted to clarify that it appears to use the email address specified in the /install/ wizard as the admin username.

I think what you need to do is click the "create an account" link at the top of the first page in Autoload. The first account will automatically be the admin.