Non delivey reports not being forwarded to user configured address

Hi, I raised this in the Newbies forum ( but so far haven't had any replies. As this is a Pro installation I thought I would raise it here.

When Admin sets a forwarding address NDR reports get forwarded to that address as expected.

However, if forwarding is set by the user using his Usermin, the NDRs don't get forwarded the the address he has set but do get put into his mailbox.

Any ideas would be appreciated

Perhaps this is an "undocumented creature" [ bug :o) ]

Thanks for reading.

CentOS Linux 5.8 Webmin version 1.590 Virtualmin version 3.94 Pro



Howdy -- when you setup forwarding in Usermin, do other emails get forwarded? You're only having a problem with the non-delivery reports?


That is correct, only NDR fails to get forwarded. Well, I haven't found any others anyway.

Thanks for looking, Tim

When you setup forwarding in Usermin (at Filter and Forward Mail), there is an option to control if bounce messages are forwarded or not.

Hi Jamie,

No there isn't.

There are :-
Radio buttons for forwarding enabled on/off
Textarea for addresses
Radio Buttons for also deliver normally Yes/No

And that is all.

It looks like that option is only available if you're setting up forwarding using the "Email Filters" option in Usermin.

The "Forward Email" option is a quick way to setup forwarding, but has less options.

If you go into "Email Filters", you can setup forwarding, and under the "Forward to addresses" option, you'll see a checkbox "Suppress forwarding of bounce messages" which is enabled by default.


Many thanks, you were correct and that solved the problem. Apologies for misreading Jamie's instructions. I went into the wrong forwarding.

Might I suggest that the defailt settings in "Forward Email" should also not suppress the forwarding of NDR's as I suspect that would be the norm. Just my thoughts and might not be the best method because there might be other implications.

The important thing is that the problem is solved.

Again, thanks for the help.