A problem was detected with your Cloudmin license : Failed to contact licence server : Failed to lookup IP address for



I'm having a Deja Vu here... Might just be me though.

I fixed that issue earlier today -- it's just a matter of adding "nameserver" to the file "/etc/resolv.conf".

What I've been discussing with Jamie, in the meantime, is why that's occurring on reboot, as we don't see anything in your network config that should do that.

However, until we determine what might cause that, you'd need to set the above resolv.conf setting anytime you reboot.

While we aren't seeing a reason as to why your DNS changes whenever you reboot, we did setup a workaround that should prevent that occurring.

To do that, we ran "chattr +i /etc/resolv.conf", which will prevent anything from making such a change.

So, next time you reboot, your DNS should continue to work correctly.