PHP Pear Webmin module should get installed automatically when required

I started playing with Horde, since I found that the Virtualmin script installer offers "Ingo" - a Procmail script manager, which I want to try out.

When installing Horde, the script installer warns that "the PHP Pear Webmin module is not available, but it continues anyway". I had to fetch that module from the Webmin third-party modules repository and manually install it. Would it be possible to have Virtualmin auto-install the Pear module when required?

Closed (fixed)


Thanks for pointing this out - that module should have been installed, but due to a typo in the installer on Debian / Ubuntu it was missed. I have fixed that now.

The best way to install if it is missing is with apt-get install webmin-php-pear

Ooh okay, didn't know about the deb package. Installing the WBZ worked too, but the deb is certainly easier.