udev rules?

Hi, I am so sorry for bothering but my hosting company sent this to me:

Dear Client,

As goodwill we have changed the Server and swapped over your hard drives.
Your server ist now online in Rescue System so you need now check the
netwrksettings and udev rules for the new MAC address.

i have no idea what to do? i know its not about virtualmin but can you help me please?



Howdy -- hopefully they gave you some notice before bringing your server offline :-)

Sometimes, your network devices are tied to a specific MAC address, and might not come online if that MAC address changes.

You can see your MAC address if you run the command "/sbin/ifconfig".

You can see the settings for your various network devices in "/etc/sysconfig/networking/devices" -- look for a "MAC=" line in there. If it's set at all, you'd want to set it to your new MAC address.

I haven't personally had to change udev settings in the past when changing servers, I'm not sure what you might need to update there.

This Support area here is for Virtualmin Pro users -- it looks like you're using Virtualmin GPL there... if you have any followup questions, we'd encourage you to use the forums, which we monitor, along with lots of wonderful folks from the forums. Thanks!

yeah sorry for posting here. you can count me as "future" pro user.. just need proper income before i become pro user here.

basically that problem was stupid and they didnt help me at all. i got so disappointed from my hosting company :(

i just formatted whole server and started from minimal centos yesterday :(

Thanks again for your time.

got problem.. becomes double post