Need to migrate my cloudmin licence or my cloudmin master

Hi Guys, I have new server hardware which I want to become my new cloudmin master, how can I move my licence from the old server to the new? Thanks



Howdy -- you can just perform a normal Cloudmin installation on your new server, which will mean your license is on both servers.

Then, when you no longer need your old server, you can remove Cloudmin from it.

Once the license manager stops seeing checkins from a given server, it will know it's been shut off or removed.

Thank you, Ill give this a try!

Ok, I have done the following:

  • Installed cloudmin pro from the licence page on my new hardware.
  • set the new server to be a "Replica of another system"
  • set the old master to replicate to the new server.
  • Enabled iSCSI target and client on the new server.
  • Added iscsi server (new machine) to cloud master.

My intentions are to migrate all the VMs to the new server and move respective images to the massive iSCSI server. I hope I am doing this correctly... thanks again for your guidance @andreychek :) Franco

ok, thanks for helping, I have a new problem, so I will open a new issue.