moving an LVM based VM to a new host using iSCSI server - FAILS

Hi, I have an iSCSI server with a logical volume group on it. (SMVMCLOUD) the iSCSI (SMVMCLOUD) server is available on the cloud master(SMVMHOST). the target host for the vm (SMVMHOST64) has iSCSi client setup. when I try and move the VM from the old host (SMVMHOST) to the new host (SMVMHOST64) i get this:

Moving KVM system from smvmhost to smvmhost64 ..
Copying disk images to new host system ..
Copying disk /dev/lg_storage/lv_mapserver-tng_localhost ..
Re-fetching system status ..
.. done. New status is : Down
Refreshing status of host system smvmhost ..
.. done. New status is : Webmin

Refreshing status of host system smvmhost64 ..
.. done. New status is : Webmin

.. destination system is not using LVM

but when I check in the KVM host config for this host (SMVMHOST64), it shows:

Create disk images in: Devices on iSCSI server - SMVMCLOUD

I must be doing something wrong, but I dont know what that might be. Is it even possible to move an LVM VM from local volume groups to shared iSCSI volume groups? Franco



Unfortunately it is not currently possible to move a VM from a host that is using local LVM storage to one that uses iSCSI..

However, I am looking into adding the ability to do these kinds of moves..

I see, thank you Jamie. So what options are there then? I can create new VMs on iSCSI only? what about creating an image and then creating a new VM from the image on iSCSI?

You could create an image of your VM, then create a new VM on iSCSI from that image.

Ok thanks again, last question, I have never tried to use iSCSI for anything until now, would you say using LVGs on iSCSI is as safe as using LVGs local to host of the VM? Franco

I can't guarantee that it is just as safe, as you are adding an iSCSI server to the path, which in theory could have bugs. But what iSCSI gives you is the ability to move VMs much more easily, and have a centralized storage server rather than needing to put large disks in each VM host.