My name servers are and This virtual Linux box is a VPS from GD.

But I am seeing a weird SOA in all my domains including (I changed it now for a few of them manually).

That weird SOA is

My questions: 1. Is it ok to change the SOA to " ?" 2. If so, how can I change for all domains automatically instead of one by one manually as I have already done for a few? 3. Or else, should I follow a similar pattern for new SOA?



Howdy -- what is your hostname set to?

You can determine that by running the command "hostname".

Also, in System Settings -> Server Templates -> Default -> BIND DNS Domain, what is "Master DNS server hostname" set to?

There isn't a good way to automatically update an SOA record throughout all the DNS zones, but the above will help determine why that record is being added.

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Submitted by bislinks on Wed, 05/22/2013 - 10:07 Pro Licensee

hostname -f :

master dns server hostname is set to :

So, should I change master dns server hostname to so that it affects the future domains created?

Once again, I understand that I really need to change SOA manually for the previous domains; Am I correct?

Yeah, you'd want to change the "Master DNS server hostname" to

I don't think you technically need to change the SOA record in your current DNS settings; what it's set to shouldn't be causing any kind of problem, since that name would resolve to your server.

However, if you do wish to change it, you'd probably need to do so manually.