PEAR module MDB2 (2.5.0) installed reads MDB2 ver 2.4.1

Webmin > Others > PHP Pear Modules shows module MDB2 version 2.4.1 installed Under section "Install Pear Module" drop down shows "MDB2 2.5.0 (PHP 5)" in list

Ran installation for MDB2 2.5.0, installed version still showed 2.4.1 installed.

Uninstalled 2.4.1, MDB2 not in the list of installed modules

Installed MDB2 2.5.0, installed version shows 2.4.1 installed

Is this a Pear module problem?



Howdy -- what output do you receive if you run the command "pear list" as root on the command line?

In the list of installed packages MDB2 shows as version 2.4.1 stable

If you run the command pear install MDB2 , does it install version 2.5.0 ?