Doing stuff from the CLI

Hi, we use Cloudmin/Webmin to monitor all of our servers and sites. We use a combination of the "System and Server Status" and the "System Alerts" areas of Cloudmin, and it works very well for the most part. I have 2 questions:

1) Why are these separate anyway? There is some overlap between the two, and IMHO it would make a lot of sense to merge them.

2) There are other things we'd like to monitor that are totally outside the sphere of Cloudmin. We are building a mash-up control panel for our business that integrates all the things we wish to monitor and includes pathways for issues to reach resolution through a ticket system. I am looking for a way for the system to ingest information from Webmin from the "System and Server Status" module. Can this be done from the CLI like the cloudmin commands (e.g. cloudmin --list-status-history). If not, can it be done through XML-RPC on webmin? Is XML-RPC the only inroad to access those functions? (Sorry in advance if this is documented somewhere, I have trouble navigating the documentation). Or are there any other solutions for doing a mash-up like this that has access to Webmin's data?



The "System and Server Status" module is part of Webmin, which underlies Cloudmin. It is more flexible in that you can alert on external commands, network connectivity and the state of various servers - but it only supports monitoring on a single system.

The "System Alerts" page in Cloudmin is for doing metric-based monitoring across multiple systems at the same time. You're limited to variables like CPU load and free memory, but can alert on their value vs some threshold over a time period, or on a number of systems.

So I don't think it would make a lot of sense to merge these two monitoring types, as their functionality is very different. However, it should be possible to use them to get the data you want.

Are you mainly looking for a way to fetch the current status of "System and Server Status" monitors from a remote system?

I can see your point. Yes, I would like to know my options for retrieving the current status of "System and Server Status" monitors from a remote system.

I'd recommend using XML-RPC to call the function list_services in the status module. Then for each service, call the list_history function to get its current and previous reported statuses.