Cloudmin upgrades override user preference for Base directory for virtual systems

My post on Cloudmin forums has not been replied yet, however I have already got this issue confirmed. The last Cloudmin upgrade again changed my preference directory for Base directory for virtual systems.



That setting shouldn't get changed on an upgrade.

How did you do the upgrade exactly? Was it via the Cloudmin UI, or did you re-run the install script?

Hi Jamie,

We upgrade either on ssh by firing up 'yum update' or within Cloudmin UI. Since this ticket had been created we probably did couple upgrades. I don't know what exactly is causing this, but 'Base directory for virtual systems' in 'KVM Host Settings' regularly gets changed back to /kvm. This is not a critical issues as we can manually set it back to desired to us path every time we need to do something, for example, create a new guest system. But anyway it is not pleasant to do so, it really feels like a bug. So let's just see if anyone else will report this or this is specific to our setup.

By the way, I've just noticed a new ' LVM volume group' feature in 'Create disk images in':

Create disk images in
Regular files under base directory
LVM volume group

As I remember there was no such option previously. And I have a feeling that the issue in the subject appeared together with this new feature introduced.

Anyway, is it ok to create new guest systems in 'LVM volume group' when the system already has guest systems created in Regular files under base directory?

Are you running the free GPL version of Cloudmin, or the Pro version?

Also, are you sure this happens only when upgrading? Or does the directory get reset every time you visit the Edit KVM Host page?

This happened on GPL.

To say frankly I am not sure if it happened when upgrading. And I am not sure if it did change every on every visit to "KVM Host Settings" page. The problem is that it happened several times occasionally, but last several days everything is just ok - the custom path we set is there in tact. I don't know how to catch the moment it changes and if it will change back to /kvm anymore at all. Please just deem this issue closed until and if anyone else reports this or if it happens to our server again.

Ok, we will be releasing a new version of Cloudmin soon - please let us know if this happens again.

Today I wanted to create a new VPS and clicked on New System > Create KVM Instance I saw the following notice in "Host and networking" options:

Warning : No DNS zone for new KVM instances has been configured on the KVM host page. You can use the BIND DNS Server module to create a zone.

Going to "KVM host" I found the custom path "/home/servers" had been reverted back to "/kvm".

So it is happening again.

Has the DNS zone that you previously setup for adding VMs to also been reset?

I am not exactly sure if I understand what you mean. All the previously created VMs are functional. The master DNS zone is also there in tact, but I actually don't use it, because of

Is there any chance I could login to your system to see what is going wrong? I haven't been able to re-produce this problem on our test boxes.

If so, email me directly at

Sure, no problem, Jamie. However, today I have been creating and deleting several test guest systems and now everything seems to be working ok. As I stated before it is not clear when exactly this problem is happening and it is difficult to catch the moment it happens and I don't think you need to spend your time trying to catch the moment. So let me contact you when we start facing this next time again. Thanks!