Install Mail Rate Limiting fails


Install Mail Rate Limiting fails, this is the output:

Installing the email rate limiting package ..

Installing package(s) with command yum -y install milter-greylist ..

Loaded plugins: fastestmirror, priorities, refresh-packagekit, security
Loading mirror speeds from cached hostfile
 * base:
 * extras:
 * updates:
63 packages excluded due to repository priority protections
Setting up Install Process
No package milter-greylist available.
Error: Nothing to do

.. install failed!

.. installation failed!

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Howdy -- it looks like the Virtualmin release containing the rate limiting made it out slightly before the packages containing the dependencies needed for that to work.

Joe is working on pushing out the milter-greylist packages, those should be available soon.


I would like to enable the new mail rate limiting feature, but no package milter-greylist seems to be available for the CentOS 5 I'm using.

After looking around, there doesn't seem to be packages ready for CentOS 5. Before trying to compile it myself, I would like to know if there's plan to add the package on the virtualmin repo.

Any news on this ? Should I wait for the packages to be available through virtualmin repo ? Or should I install it from sources ?

Thanks a lot for the hard and excellent work done on Virtualmin. Erik

I'll double-check with Joe, but I do believe he intends to make it available for CentOS 5.

any news on this? it is not possible ot install on CentOS 5.

Thanks, we'll look into why that's not in the 64 bit repo.

I have managed to build a working version on my system (CentOS release 5.11 (Final)): milter-greylist-4.4.3-1.x86_64.rpm which is supported by virtualmin.

If anyone cares I could share either the rpms (not signed) or a short how to.