Image Autoscan

Have the ability to auto-scan a image storage location and auto-import images as well as detecting the type. We have a mass number of templates, and would be nice to have them auto-read.



Auto-scanning is tricky, because detecting meta-information like the architecture and OS is hard to do reliably. Perhaps what you really need is an API command to import an image, which could be run from a shell script over all files in a directory?

That still poses an issue as to what OS it is. We basically have a lot of images in /vz/template/cache on every node due to how solusvm works. So at present I have to go and add each one manually.

Something for mass import to an extent is what would be desired.

The current one-by-one manual image import process in Cloudmin can't automatically detect the OS from an arbitrary image file either though - it has to be selected by the user.