Un-used Modules To Work


I wanted to find out how do i get the un-used modules to work. I have manged to get barcula backup to work, but alot of the other 1s after installing the wbm.gz file, files are missing. Like .pid, the sbin application file etc.




What modules exactly are you referring to?

Each module is mostly responsible for a specific application on your server. First of all, you'd have to have that application installed, and then you might have to tell Webmin where its executable and process ID files are located, if Webmin's defaults are incorrect (which can happen due to the myriad of versions and distros out there).

Those parameters are individual for every application, so you'd need to tell us what module exactly you wish to use.

Yeah, as Locutus mentioned, you may need to go into the individual module that you want to use in order to configure it properly, and get it to move out of the Un-Used Modules area.

When you click the module, it should tell you what still needs installed or configured.

Thanks for the replies. I tried to configure these but failed Configuration Engine - cont find the place to download the files Heartbeat Monitor - found rpm, installed it but files like .pid are missing

I also tried the modules on your site to see if they would install, but that failed to.

I want to try install as many as i can.

Are there any un-used modules that are not supported by the provider?

I only managed to install Bacula Backup System

The thing is i am a bit new to linux.

Well, many of those modules aren't going to be useful except under very special circumstances.

My suggestion would be to just install the ones you have a use for.

The configuration engine and heartbeat modules are complex tools for synchronizing configuration data between multiple servers, and configuring failover. Those are advanced functions that we'd normally recommend only for special circumstances.

It's normal to have a lot of Un-Used modules -- it's rare that any of them are necessary, and most users of Virtualmin only use modules that are configured by default.

For example, rather than Bacula, we'd suggest using Virtualmin's built-in backup tool, available in Virtualmin -> Backup and Restore.

However, if you really want to get that Configuration Engine one working, you'd likely need to go into the Module Configuration, and configure the correct path to the pid file.

The thing is i cant find the .pid file.

I will try install what i can and see where i get.

Is there a way to protect other server directories? For example Red5 is running from with in /usr/red5/ I wanted to protect the admin directory because its got a file that creates new users, and it can also change existing user passwords. I tried with the .htaccess , but it still shows the files in the browser.

If the .pid file is missing, that may mean that the application isn't running.

You could try starting the application. It may require some configuration though in order to get it up and running.

Once it's running, the .pid file should show up.

For heartbeat, the configuration file is in "/var/run/heartbeat.pid" by default, though you can review the heartbeat configuration files to see the exact location.

Regarding your question about Red5 and protected directories, could you open a different request for that? Since that's a different topic, it would be easier to have separate Support Requests for that. Thanks!