question about yum repositories

Hi, I am running Centos 5.7 x64.


  1. Is that a correct to say that one should not mess with the default repository configuration to ensure that VM updates itself correctly?

  2. How can I check the respository search order I have now, and make sure it is correct?

  3. I want to yum install apachetop, but it requires EPEL repository. I know the commands to install EPEL, but how do I remove it from the search order after apachetop is installed?

Thank you



  1. Yes, that is correct. Adding third-party repos (or disabling default repos) can break Virtualmin by either installing un-supported versions of packages like PHP, or preventing the install of needed packages.

  2. As far as I know, the search order doesn't matter to Virtualmin.

  3. You can disable EPEL by removing it's file from under /etc/yum.repos.d

Well, I'm not familiar with newrelic, though that is a third party repository, so it comes with the potential to cause problems.

However, the rest of your repositories appear to be normal repositories included with CentOS, along with the Virtualmin repository.

thanks. pls close.