Trade License


Happy to see you all, i have been in a terrible accident. Fall (bit) of water in the supermarket. Had lots of judo expirience so it was my right typing hand. 4 complex brokenplaces. Choise was made quick, as a jeanSAN you choise without thinking. 5-10 cm from my head to the floor. connected unloose to my chest... Enfin have to start all of my business again. Lawyers are working and maybe you would help me a bit!

There was a 65 dollar return, i rather pay you so i have 10 virtualmin licenses. 135-65 would be 70 i guess?? make it 50 because i could not work the whole year and you have your logo on all my sites!!! Free, i have always been a gentle and happy user of yours.

And now i have to hypervise the whole BOOM.

Meet CALERO my hottest machine chembro case. 8 cores 32 (canup to 64) mem inside and Centos on one of my SSD 64 SANś. That makes it speeding if the VHDś go on the other San,,,,,

Could you please sent me a pleasant offer to

Will use the GPL or webmin in between

Hoping such might NEVER happen to you;

I Recently registered a couple of sites, any of your interests?: (meant to make a small stick on the VNC protocol) artisti(-)

ow about my accident: (read my poem).

Dont worry about the Vś Voncken is my last name and registered Firm V-Tronics Netherlands LLP.

Letś hear from you



Howdy -- my apologies, I'm not sure I follow exactly what you're asking.

Can you clarify what it is that you're hoping we can do? Thanks!