virtual system backup compress in backup server


is it possible to backup virtual system on cloudmin, transfer it via SSH to remote server and gzip the backup remotely (instead of the cloudmin host to reduce I/O)?



Howdy -- unfortunately, there isn't a Cloudmin-supported way to perform the compression on another server.

However, if you go into Cloudmin Settings -> Cloudmin Configuration -> Backup Options, there are settings there that you can use that should help reduce the IO load.

This functionality wouldn't be generally possible to implement anyway, as in some cases Cloudmin can only scp files to the backup target. Also, compressing remotely would mean sending much more data over the network, which is usually the bottleneck.

if the backup server is on the same LAN it wouldn't be a problem. my only concern is the I/O and CPU load when the backup is in progress, hence i want to do the compression on the backup server instead of the host node.