Two-factor authentication failed : No two-factor token entered

I've disabled two-factor authentication so I can give access to someone else to do some maintenance. Now I try to log back in and it asks for just the username and password, but it gives this error: "Two-factor authentication failed : No two-factor token entered." I should not say that because I've just disabled it and there's no space to fill it out if I wanted to. I have rebooted the server, but to no avail. Is there some config file I can edit manually?



Okay, I have entered "twofactor_provider=authy" and can get back in again. Still need to figure out how to give someone else access to do maintenance without having to explain the person how Authy works.

When you say you disabled two-factor, was it for all users, or just one?

And on what page did you turn it off?