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Hi Guys, All is well? Long time, no speak!

I am working as IT Manager for a company and we work of course with Webmin/virtualmin on our servers. Recently we have been building a system based on LDAP Authentication.

For mail we use Zarafa and we have the ZarafaSchema. Now the issue is when creating more than 1 ZarafaAliases, zarafa won't see the aliases because webmin sees multiple addresses as 1. I mean Webmin doesnot accept multiple LDAPAttributes with the same name and just adds the 2nd mailalias to the existing ZarafaAliases.

Instead with the tool LDAPAdmin it is possible to create 2 instances of LDAP Attributes named ZarafaAliases and each attribute will have 1 mailalias.

Is this something that can be fixed within the webmin module?

thank you Ronald



So is "ZarafaAliases" a custom LDAP attribute you have configured Webmin's LDAP Users and Groups module to edit? If so, there is a "Allow multiple values for extra properties?" setting on the Module Config page that you may need to enable.

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Submitted by ronald on Wed, 10/01/2014 - 11:25 Pro Licensee

Hi This may do the trick, I have enabled it but it has to be tested soon if it actually was the issue. Thank you again