LUN related questions

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We got a couple of questions here We have been trying to configure cloudmin to maintain our development environment on XenServer 6.2. The Xenservers runs on 5 machines and is connected to a SAN. The questions are 1) When we try to create a Citrix Xen VM, system owners do get to select LUNs but do not get to see the space remaining in the LUNs. Is there anyway to show the owners the remaining space left on disks so that they can select the right LUN? 2) Is it possible to allow system owners to create VMs ONLY on particular LUNs? 3) In the previous installations we used to get a link for "Disk Image Directory" under System Storage. But this installation (7.9) doesnt give me the option atall. The only thing i have under "System Storage" is Image Storage Locations. Can you tell me how to get system storage link back? or if there is another way to configure it?

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Citrix Xen has its own method of defining storage locations that is outside of Cloudmin - so instead when you create a VM you should see a menu for selecting the storage location to create the VM on.

However, showing the free space on each storage location is a good idea... assuming this information is available from the Xen API. If you run the command xe sr-list on your Xen host, what does it output?


Thanks for the response. The output of xe sr-list does show the shared and non-shared disks but NOT the space remaining :-( However it does show the full disk capacity

uuid ( RO)                : 48f1940d-9a86-a997-2379-71a717d21c9d
          name-label ( RW): Removable storage
    name-description ( RW):
                host ( RO): vHost-142
                type ( RO): udev
        content-type ( RO): disk

uuid ( RO)                : 54b8c8d8-2796-8c9b-f6a5-a64bb1ac68c2
          name-label ( RW): TGB-VD-27
    name-description ( RW): iSCSI SR [ (; LUN 37: 372004I: 400 GB (DELL))]
                host ( RO): <shared>
                type ( RO): lvmoiscsi
        content-type ( RO):


That's a pity - I wasn't able to find any Xen API command that provides this information, which makes it hard for Cloudmin to show.

Am just curious - how does it show the size of the LUNs and the space remaining when you login as root to cloudmin?

Also did you find a way in which we can show "only some" LUNs to system owners and not all of them?