Disk space full but not showing in virtualmin

Hi there..

My machine is giving alerts for no more disk space available (Disk space usage threshold exceeded. Disk /backups is 87% full (19415 MB free). .. but when i look at virtualmin it shows as 114.49 GB total, 18.44 GB used.

How can i find where the space is being used to delete files, etc without compromising the system?

Thank you!



Howdy -- hmm, is that an alert that is perhaps just going to one particular Virtual Server? Could it just be that one domain's quota is nearly full?

I wish it was. It appears to be the server itself.. (vmware alert on disk space) all domains are unlimited in virtualmin...

What is the output of this command:

df -h

i cant paste... but this page wont let me attach the screenshot of the kvm?

While it should allow you to attach an image, you could always place that image on one of your websites, and provide us with a link to view it.

What IP address are you using to access virtualmin.com? You can determine that by browsing to "whatismyip.com".

I will review the error logs to try and determine why it's not allowing you to upload an image.

It doesn't appear that you have any drives or devices in your Virtualmin system that are low on space.

If VMWare is what generated those notifications -- there may be another drive that VMWare knows about, which isn't a part of your Virtualmin system.

Interesting... thanks - i thought i was missing something... Have a good one.