Module Access Control | Where is the button/link?

Hi, by words is easy, but in practice i can't find the button/link anywhere in Webmin 1.710 to go to


What i want: one control page where i can choose that e.g. all the users except root can't change the layout theme. Easy, isn't it?

But i can't do it. Furthermore, i tried to go directly to


but this is the result:

Security Warning 
Warning! Webmin has detected that the program https://yourdomain:10000/acl/edit_acl.cgi was linked to from an unknown URL, which appears to be outside the Webmin server. This may be an attempt to trick your server into executing a dangerous command.
If your browser does not send the Referer header needed, you can turn off this check as follows :
Login to Webmin normally.
Go to the Webmin Configuration module.
Click on the Trusted Referrers icon.
Check the Trust links from unknown referrers box, and click Save.
Alternately, you can configure Webmin to allow links from unknown referers by :
Login as root, and edit the /etc/webmin/config file.
Find the line referers_none=1 and change it to referers_none=0.
Save the file.

I have no "Trust links from unknown referrers" box inside Trusted Referrers. To me this is old stuff you have changed and no mention about this to Webmin users.

Then, i tried to change referers_none=1 to referers_none=0 in /etc/webmin/config then restarted the Webmin service but nothing to do, always the Security Warning window appears instead of the correct page.

Finally, how to access the complete view of "Module Access Control" ? Thanks

p.s.: regarding your reply FYI, the proper way to link to that page is in the Webmin Users module, by clicking on a username and then on a module name. ...the first time i accessed that module searching for "Modul Access Control" inside the Webmin Search field, i could see a different page content, where i could select all the users, one user etc etc and directly grant some permissions...i don't know why now is impossible. If i will have many users, it will be difficult to manually edit that option every time for any added user...i think that we need a global Module Access Control where we can choose what the users can globally do or can't... even something like (not) changing theme



Howdy -- since you're using Virtualmin GPL there, you'd want to use the Forums for obtaining support. We monitor the Forums, along with lots of wonderful folks in the community.

Go ahead and post your questions there, and if we discover any are due to a bug, we can revisit them here. Thanks!

FYI, the proper way to link to that page is in the Webmin Users module, by clicking on a username and then on a module name.