SSL Website enabled, Website disabled, Stats cannot be enabled?

SSL Website enabled. Normal http website is disabled. Enabling stats fails ??


Enable website and ssl website. Save. Enable Awstats, webalizer. Save. Disable non-ssl website. Save. Error - "need to have wesbite for awstats and webalizer". This is wrong. Shouldn't Awstats and webalizer be able to run on SSL-only website?



How did you disable the non-SSL website? That shouldn't even be possible in Virtualmin when the SSL site is still active.

The right solution here is to setup a redirect from the non-SSL site to SSL. This can be done at Server Configuration -> Aliases and Redirects, by creating a redirect for / that is active for http only.

RIght, redirecting the virtual server's apache http to apache https sounds like the usual thing to do, but this is a special case. Another web server is listening on http !

The "bug" is, when trying to save the virtual server with deactivated http website, virtualmin failed.

It's not a big bug, but theoretically shouldn't u be able to run an apache virtualhost with https only ? And have another web server do the redirect from http to https depending on the host the browser requested ?

In theory, yes. However, the way Virtualmin is written currently it assumes that the HTTP website is the primary, and all directives are copied from it to the HTTPS site.