QEMU support?

Hi, We purchased Cloudmin Pro without realizing that QEMU was distinct from KVM. After installing Cloudmin (KVM), we get the following warning:

This system cannot be a KVM host : No bridge interfaces like br0 were found

Is it possible to use Cloudmin with QEMU based hypervisors?



And yes, Cloudmin can be used with QEMU without necessarily using KVM. But VMs will be much slower..

I did check that our settings match those described in the link you sent. The only discrepency is that our active network settings are showing eth0 instead of br0. Could this simply be resolved via a reboot?

The "Apply Configuration" option at the end of that section is supposed to disable the eth0 interface, as well as enable br0.

However, it sounds like that didn't work for some reason.

You could either try selecting that option again in the networking settings, you could restart the networking from the command line on your server, or you could just give it a reboot.