New server with Nginx, Percona, Varnish, PHP-FPM, APC

Some time ago, I paid someone to create a new server for me optimized for Worpdress using Nginx, Percona, Varnish, PHP-FPM, APC. It has been rock solid and fast, but it was only set up with Webmin and I would really like to setup the same environment with Virtualmin so that I can use features, such has creating a new domain.

I will set it up on Linode with the Debian OS. I will be using the paid version of Virtualmin.

So I assume I create the linode, install the OS and follow the normal instructions for installing Virtualmin?

From what I have gathered from the forums, Virtualmin, once set up, will help me setup up Nginx, but after that I will have to set up Percona, Varnish, PHP-FPM, APC manually. Is that correct.



Howdy -- that's correct that Virtualmin won't set those up for you, though it should be possible to configure Virtualmin in a way that would coexist with them.

I've seen instructions written by folks in the Forums for how to setup PHP-FPM, for example.

APC should just be a matter of installing the PHP module.

And a lot of people use Varnish on Virtualmin servers.

The only one I'm not familiar with is Percona, I haven't heard reports of how well that works in a Virtualmin environment.