cloudmin links are gone

I have installed webmin and cloudmin, not virtualmin.

After the update of the wbt-virtual-server-theme from 9.0-2 to 9.1-1, the left cloudmin links are gone and also no tabs on top to choose between webmin and cloudmin.

only the webmin menu is shown and the cloudmin module is a module in the webin menu.

regards Jan



hi, it is a different issue. The whole cloudmin left menu structure is gone, nothing to do with virtualmin.

  • virtualmin is not installed
  • the error appeared after the update to version 9.1

i went back to 9.0.2 and the error was gone.

i tried to attach a screenshot of 292k but it gave an error

regards Jan

Can you send your screenshot to me at ?

Also, with this new theme, if you have both Virtualmin and Cloudmin installed, the cloudmin links should be visible when you click on the "Cloudmin" link on the top left.

Thanks for the screenshot. Can you double-check that at Webmin -> Webmin Users -> yourlogin, that you have access to the "Cloudmin" module?

I am logged in as root and i can see the cloudmin module under the item "webmin"

both screenshots are from the same server, same setup, same user, everything the same, the only thing that happened between them was the theme update.

i can give access if that would help investigate this.

regards Jan

Ok, it looks like there is an incompatability between the theme and the free versions of Cloudmin. I will release an update shortly (like today) to fix this.

Same problem here. Selecting Cloudmin like on the screenshot doesn't help. Using the default theme.

8.1 solved the problem, thank you

Yeah, I just released version 8.1 which includes a fix for this.