Uninstall packages without affecting Webmin/Virtualmin core integrity

I wanted to uninstall ProFTPd and configuration files and I got the following packages uninstalled too:

  • usermin-virtual-server-theme
  • webmin-virtualmin-svn
  • webmin-virtualmin-dav

Command I issues was: apt-get autoremove proftd*

I would like to uninstall MySQL server and replace it with MariaDB. With MySQL I get other packages uninstalled too, including packages from Webmin/Virtualmin. Could you please point me how can I uninstall a package without affecting Webmin/Virtualmin integrity?

Thank you.

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Howdy -- you can remove a package with "apt-get remove packagename".

I don't recommend using "autoremove", as it can remove packages and dependencies that shouldn't be removed.

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This is a long time post but if someone reads it the best way to remove a package is using this command:

dpkg -r --force-depends foo

PS - I will mark this post as Closed (Fixed) because it was active for almost 5 years.