Multiple PHP versions

Hi there

I have been searching around and can't seem to get any info. My box is running Debian Squeeze with PHP 5.3.3. i have a need for at least 5.4, but only for one website and i am nervous about breaking existing sites by simply updating 5.3. Would anybody be willing/able to point me in the right direction to installing 2 versions at the same time with Squeeze?

Possibly a method that utilises webmin/virtualmin.

Any help, gratefully received. Cheers Dave



Howdy -- it's possible to run multiple PHP versions side-by-side, though the only distro where that's simple to setup is CentOS 6. There is documentation for that here:

It can be done on other distros, but unlike CentOS 6, there aren't existing PHP packages designed to work that way.

So you'd actually need to manually install PHP, in directories similar to those used in CentOS.

Alternatively, you could also upgrade to a newer Debian version. Debian 7 and 8 are both available, and come with a newer PHP version than what you're seeing there.

Thanks, although upgrading the debian version is, potentially, more time intensive than i am able to dedicate right now. I guess I will upgrade to 5.4 and hope it doesn't affect too many sites negatively.