Using true certificate in Webmin prevents Flie manager to work

On the servers I installed SSL certificate applying also to webmin/usermin instead of the original self-signed certificate, the file manager does not work, throwing the java exception ClassNotFoundException How can this be fixed? Thanks



Who was your true certificate issue by? It may be a CA that isn't on the list of those known to Java on your desktop..

It is StartCom Ltd How to check if Java loves it? Thanks

Yeah there are a number of problems with Java these days, and we're looking at replacing the Java-based filemanager with an HTML/Javascript filemanager.

One such filemanager that was recently released by a Virtualmin community member is called Filemin, you can see it here:

You may want to give it a try, that might work better for you than the current Java one.

Java does not allow untrusted domains anymore. This is the error you are getting. You can try this:

Open your Java Control Panel, in Windows its Configure Java or similar. Click on the Security tab, Under Exception Site List add your domain.

Java and Flash are mostly disabled these days on almost all browsers.

So Webmin or any product which relies on them is going to have more and more troubles getting them to work (if they even work in any modern browser today).

I would advise to move to a HTML5 or JavaScript file manager. Same for the console. Today there are already SSH and VNC html5 consoles as browsers now support web sockets and all types of technologies which allow them to replace this plugins.

Agreed -- we're planning to move to a HTML-based filemanager.

In the meantime, I'd suggest giving the one mentioned in comment #3 a try, it works very well.