Incorrect detail to fix in the backups documentation


In the documentation for Scheduled backups, what shows up when we click "Files to exclude from each domain" (in Features And Settings), is :
Files to exclude from each domain
This field allows you to enter the relative paths to files under each virtual server's home directory to exclude from this backup. For example, to skip Webalizer statistics, you could enter public_html/stats.

Problem : "public_html/stats." doesn't work. Neither does "public_html/stats"

The proper syntax, to have exclusions work, is :
Yes, i tested extensively, it must be between two asterisk characters, otherwise it is not excluded from the backup.

May I humbly suggest this update is added to the documentation ?
Have a good day!



Howdy -- thanks for letting us know your findings!

I'll do some testing and get back to you on that.

It's using tar's --exclude option, which should in theory allow the syntax that didn't work for you.

However, there may be something else going on that's preventing that from working, and I'll see if I can figure out what that is. And whatever we come up with, we'll gladly update the documentation to show the best way to get exclusions working.